Manchester United Set to Miss out!

Time is running out for Louis Van Gaal and his ailing Manchester United team and with the January transfer window set to slam shut on Monday, it is hard to see anyone making their way through the Old Trafford doors as the clock ticks away into similar obscurity as United’s season.

Throughout January (and several months before) Manchester United have been linked to the Worlds elite. Ronaldo, Bale and Neymar to name a few, but even with bias on my side, I find it difficult to understand the logic in these type of players leaving a World Class club that they are playing for week-in-week-out to join a Manchester United side struggling not only to win games, but that have been branded a boring team to watch.

Perhaps players will see that as incentive. Just maybe the likes of Neymar and Bale will thinking that they can be the player to bring the spark and the creativity that United are missing, however it is hard to believe they will give up the opportunity to play alongside the likes of Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in preference to playing alongside Mauroune Felliani and Jesse Lingard.

Other players have been linked, like Felipe Anderson of Lazio and Romelu Lukaku, but unless Ed Woodward works his usual deadline day magic (and is forced into paying over the odds once again) then it is unlikely that Louis Van Gaal will have no new plays to unleash…or should I say; keep on a tight, defensive-driven leash.

Louis Van Gaal needs to rally his players and finish the season with conviction. This is not the greatest Manchester United squad by any stretch of the imagination, but if you look closely there is quality, certainly enough quality to overcome the defeats United have suffered to the likes of Bournemouth, Norwich, Swansea and Southampton this season.

As they prepare for an FA cup tie against Derby tonight, the FA Cup could be the only realistic pursuit for silverwear left to Van Gaal and their performance will be monitored closely. If they once again turn out with negative, predictable tactics that ultimately ends in either an awkward victory or devestating defeat, the reminder will be telling that Manchester United, despite already spending large sums of money in recent times, need to spend a lot more.